Find out why thousands of families think now is the perfect time to live and invest in Australia

Great Value
As the US dollar continues to rise, the Australian dollar will become increasingly better value
Strong Economy
Australia has had over 25 years of continuous economic growth, more than any other developed nation.
Healthy Lifestyle
Australia is known for its national obsession with sport and fitness. Get involved and you can start feeling great, too!
Natural Beauty

With over 10,000 beaches, 500 national parks and 19 of the UNESCO's world hertitage sites, Australia does not disappoint.

Australia Welcomes Migrants

New migrants and their dependents have, in most cases, unlimited work rights and the permanent migrants become eligible to apply for citizenship provided they meet the citizenship criteria in force at that time. They enjoy the democracy, freedom, financial security, equal opportunity principles and relaxed lifestyle. Most importantly, they can be more relaxed knowing their family’s financial and overall future is more secure than in most countries around the world. Australia can offer migrants unrivaled prosperity and protection, all while its economy out-grows many other developed countries and the AUD is at a 15 year low against the USD.

The first recorded Cambodia-born migrants to Australia were a family of nine who arrived in the late 1940s and by June 1976, the Cambodia-born population in Australia had increased to just 500 people. Between April 1975 and June 1986, 12,813 Cambodians came to Australia under the Refugee and Special Humanitarian Program. From the 90’s onwards migrants from Cambodia were mainly sponsored relatives of those who had arrived earlier. Today more Cambodians are able to apply under business or investor visas and exercise their right to travel abroad and live and work in the country of their choice - the right choice for the their future success. Many successful families from across the Asia Pacific region are getting their permanent resident status by helping the Australians meet their demand for jobs and growth.

Australia is Great Value

From the past, we can see the opportunity today’s exchange rate gives us happens every 15 years. The last time the AU$ fall down against the US$ like today was between 1998 and 2001 when it fell to its lowest ever point of 0.48 in April of 2001 - the only other time it fell as low was in 1986.

Economists at major banks across Australia are predicting that the exchange rate could drop to 0.6 as early as 2017-18 and the possibility that it could even reach levels seen before in 2001.This has meant there has never been a better time in a generation to move your assets into Australia to get the best value for your investment. Planning now can mean you are prepared to strike when the time is best as prices could fall further still.

"When you combine great value for money with the excellent growth forecasts over the coming years, Australia is becoming one of the few developed countries in the world that can sell itself as both great value and have great prospects for the future."

Strong & Innovative Economy

Australia has an extremely safe and robust free market economy on the fringes of Asia with strong legal safeguards in place to protect both investors and consumers. It is the only developed economy in the world to maintain over 25 years of continuous economic growth and AAA rating without sliding into recession. Its exports much of its goods to the largest and fastest growing economies on the planet, ensuring its long-term prosperity, and continues to be driven by constant technological innovation and a richly talented labour pool.

The government has also demonstrated its commitment to stimulating "jobs and growth" in the Australian economy and offers many concessions and tax-breaks for small business owners including full tax refunds on all capital goods up to AU$20,000, lowing interest rates and increasing the availability of credit.

The five main industries in Australia are the mining, agribusiness, financial services, education and tourism industries. While its energy and mineral resources continue to power the ongoing growth of the Australian economy. It is well positioned to take advantage of its strong international exprt ties with the major economic powerhouses of the world, securing long-term demand for Australian good and strengthening bond between the respective nations. Continued growth across Indian and Asian continent will serve to boost the Australian economy and also provides it a unique opportunity to become a melting-pot of cultures across the world in the pacific region.

Perfect Place to Raise a Family

Australia has already proved to be a welcoming home for 35,000 Cambodians already living there, of which 5,000 of them are second generation Cambodian-Australian and were born there. Australians have enjoyed a better quality of life compared to other places anywhere in the world - having 4 of the top 10 the most livable cities in the world there. Melbourne was also voted the most livable city in the world six years in a row. This means that they offer their residents access to good quality health, education, sanitation, protection from pollution and availability of work are all important factors for residents and contribute to a successful future.

The education system is among the best in the world, six of Australia’s top 8 universities make it into the global top 100 and a total of 35 Australian universities are listed in the international rankings, while it also spends an average of $6,000 per person every year on its health service.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

With an abundance of flora and fauna throughout the country, Australia truly is a nature lovers dream. Much of the nature and wildlife found on the continent is unique to the island courtesy of it being isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years.

Australia has wildlife parks and zoos in each of the capital cities plus many World Heritage Listed sites throughout the country, so there is always an opportunity to spot and enjoy Australia’s wildlife wherever you are. It is also home to one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World, the Great Barrier Reef, which alone attracts thousands of eco and adventure tourists every year to explore the richness and diversity of the wildlife in the depths of Australia's oceans.


There are around 828 bird species found in Australia and approximately half of them are unique to the country.  Perhaps the most famous of Australian birds are the flightless emu which stands at a shocking two meters tall and the Kookaburra, made infamous by Marion Smith’s children’s song written in 1932.  Known for its hysterical and almost human-like laugh and the fact that it is fairly common in both the countryside and city suburbs means the kookaburra is easily spotted. There are also many waterbirds found in Australia including fairy penguins, cassowaries, black swans and lyrebirds. Along with the many waterbirds, there are several species found on and around the coasts of Australia.