Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. It is not allowed to obstruct the view of other exhibitors by placing extremely tall backdrops, banners or other marketing material. Also, nothing can be attached or hung from the ceiling.

2. The exhibitors are not allowed to display promotional materials such as banners, tv stands, etc., OUTSIDE of their booth space.

3. The exhibitors are NOT allowed to play audio promotions or project visuals which can interfere with other booths. In addition, the use of microphones will not be allowed.

4. Nagaworld 1 Hotel requires exhibitors to sign in and sign out all big items that will use during the set up and operation of the event, includes scale models, tables, TV’s …etc. The form to be filled in will be provided later closer to set up date by your relationship manager.

5. The organizer will NOT be responsible for any damage the exhibitor might cause to the walls, flooring or any belongings of the venue or losses during the one day of the show.

6. Please submit all design materials to ewsolutions@consultant.com no later than 01st of February, 2020. But as soon as possible is preferred.

7. We will prepare designs for you, and submit to you for approval. You have a maximum of 2 reviews. After 2nd review, we are entitled to charge $50 per hour for additional design changes.

8. Alternatively, your team can design yourself, and submit final (including raw design files) no later than 01st of February, 2020.

9. Please inform us immediately if you prefer to design yourself.

10. The set up period will be started from 7:00am of 06/03/2020, the pack up period will be started from 6:00pm of 07/03/2020 and be finished before 9:00pm. We will be responsible for this task.

11. Dismantling: Booth dismantling does not occur until after the seminar closes; exhibitors must not disrupt the seminar by dismantling early.

12. Any late submission will mean that we cannot guarantee your table will be prepared in time for the event, and this risk is at the clients own cost. There will be no refunds for non-completion of designs and installation, given the deadline is broken.