Visas & Migration

Whether you are looking for a business visa or you are looking to begin the migration process for your whole family.

Permanent Residency

Your pathway to Permanent Residence will involve both living in Australia and helping the Australian economy.

International Students

Every parent knows that a good education is the most valuable gift you can give your children.

Australia is Calling You

Creating a Safe and Legal Pathway for Cambodians to Invest, Study and Live in Australia

Cambodians now have the right to live, work and study in the country of their choice - and there is no more attractive choice than Australia now. Originally, Cambodians entered Australia as refugees or small groups of students and later arrived to join other family members in Australia or as spouses of Australian citizens, promoting cultural awareness and strengthening bonds between the two nations. Now there are over 35,000 Australian-Cambodians of which more than 5,000 are second generation and now the doors are open for Cambodians looking to contribute to the Australian economy.

From strong economic growth to a nurturing welfare system there are lots of reasons why Australia has become such an attractive place to live and build your family's future. Find out the reasons why thousands of families across Asia and the world think that now is the perfect time to go and start their new lives in Australia.

AIC is here to give you the best chance of success first time and make the move as successful as possible. A successful permanent residency application will require an ongoing contribution to the Australian economy which is why the success of your business is so important to us. AIC will give you every assistance you need for a smooth and successful move.

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